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Wild Caught Salmon is non-GMO and best for your health!

Stop Frankenfish! FDA Ready to Approve First GMO Animal!

The Food and Drug Administration has completed its highly-anticipated evaluation of the environmental impact of the world’s first genetically-engineered (GE) fish for human consumption and written a document supporting its commercialization on the U.S. market.

The FDA previously issued a report saying that the fish is safe for human consumption. Eighteen months ago, it issued a more than 100-page environmental assessment report that was open to public comment for a month. The FDA then released a finalized version of that report, and this past summer it completed an inter-agency review.

When the final version is released, we’ll only have one more 30 day period to let the Obama Administration know we want it labeled because we won’t eat it!

The jury is still out on the long-term effects of genetically engineered salmon on humans – there simply isn’t enough data. But what we do know is that these genetic changes increase allergy risks and produce a salmon with lower levels of Omega-3 fatty acids – the “good” fat which has important health benefits. The fish also has elevated levels of growth hormone. This poses a cancer risk, as elevated IGF-1 levels are linked to prostate, breast and colon cancers.

GMO salmon isn’t safe and shouldn’t be approved for human consumption.

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