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Why Grass Fed Beef for the Paleo Diet?

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Grass Fed Beef and the Paleo Diet go hand in hand.

The Paleo Diet recommends eating whole foods like grass fed beef to simulate the original human diet before grains and processed foods found their way onto our plates. Grass fed beef has less fat and calories than conventionally raised, feed lot cattle while having more of the good stuff like CLAs and Omega3s. In addition, the Paleo Diet also embraces other clean foods like organic, antibiotic free chicken, wild caught seafood and pasture raised pork. Basically, “the good stuff” without additives, hormones, antibiotics or added chemicals and never factory farmed.

Customers have told us that before they found Topline Foods, they had trouble finding organic and grass fed meats. Either they had no access to farmer’s markets or the quality and availability were unreliable. Even organic grocer’s supplies could be hit or miss. Not to mention, the time and effort required to visit these locations only to be disappointed.

Topline Foods makes it easy to shop online for Paleo Diet approved grass fed beef, antibiotic free chicken, wild caught seafood and pastured pork and, we ship it to your door! It doesn’t get easier than that! So if you are considering trying, or are already a devotee of the Paleo Diet, visit us today and start saving time and eating well!


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