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We Make It Easy To Buy Organic Meats Online

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We get asked all the time “I just found you online, how does this work, buying organic grass fed meats?”  Here is how it works:


1.  Shop online-

Just visit our website at www.toplinefoods.com to start shopping. The website has convenient categories such as grass fed beef, chicken & turkey, wild caught seafood, etc. Click on the the category you want to start with, add items to your shopping cart and then go to the next category that interests you.

2.  Check out-

When you have placed all your items into your shopping cart, click “check out”. At this point, you will see all your items/quantities listed and you may also estimate shipping and taxes. When you are satisfied that your order is just the way you want it, click to continue check out and fill in the fields to complete your order.

3.  Keep an eye on your inbox-

As soon as we process your order, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your delivery date. Please reply to this email that it will be all right for us to ship your food as listed in the email. If the dates listed are not convenient, please tell us when you would like it to be shipped. We ship your food in a cooler with plenty of dry ice via UPS and they will leave the package in a secure location if no one answers the door. However, we always want to verify that the package will not sit overnight. You would be surprised how often customers tell us “oh, please don’t ship this week, I’m on vacation!” Don’t worry though, if the email gets filtered out of your inbox or you don’t see it, we’ll follow up with a phone call if we don’t hear back from you!

4. Enjoy your food!

Once you receive your delivery of organic meats, please bring the cooler inside and place your items in the freezer. Because most of the items are individually wrapped and vacuum sealed, you can simply remove the items you wish to prepare one meal at a time. If you are new to organic grass fed beef, you may be interested to learn more about the differences between grass fed organic meat and factory farmed, grain fed beef here. We also offer tips for thawing and cooking your foods here and ideas for marinades here which add wonderful flavor and increase tenderness of your meats. Enjoy!

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