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Want grass fed beef in San Diego?

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Shop online for grass fed beef in San Diego, California!


If you’re already searching for grass fed beef in San Diego, you probably know all about how it is healthier for you and the environment. That pasture raised cattle with the freedom to roam and eat  their natural diet of grasses turn out meat that is more flavorful, lower in calories and fat while being higher in heart healthy Omega3s and CLAs. Maybe you are enjoying the Paleo diet lifestyle and need a more reliable source for your grass fed beef and other clean proteins like organic chicken, wild caught seafood and pastured pork.

So where do you buy grass fed beef? Well, you could drive around to farmer’s markets and organic grocers and hope you aren’t disappointed by the selection or availability. Or, you can simply shop  online and receive the choicest grass fed steaks (and more!) delivered to your home! Saves time, saves gas, saves frustration!

All Topline Foods are individually packaged and cryo vac’d to preserve freshness naturally with no additives or chemicals, helps with portion control and you only cook what you need to avoid waste. You select just the items you enjoy in the quantities you need – no more re-wrapping leaky grocery store or bulk packages.

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