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Topline Foods grass fed beef is better for you and your family!


Grass fed beef doesn’t make the list of foods to avoid!

These are the top 7 foods to avoid and not surprisingly, conventionally raised beef is one of them! “Cows were meant to eat grass. Studies show that grass-fed beef (compared to corn-fed) is higher in important vitamins, minerals and the heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory fats. Then there’s also the issue of all the antibiotics used on those inappropriately-fed, sick cows… My advice: Look for “grass-fed” or “pasture-fed” organic beef from strong healthy beasts.”

Enjoy Topline Foods organic and grass fed beef, wild caught seafood, all natural and organic chicken and more! Shop online at www.ToplineFoods.com and have quality, convenience and value – delivered!  Feel good about what you eat!



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