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Topline Foods Back to School Survival Tips

Tips to save time and frustration:

      • Shop Topline Foods and save time at the grocery store because you can get most of your shopping done once a month (or every other month) with Topline Foods! And, to make it even more convenient – we deliver!


      • Make a weekly menu for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Keep in mind the schedule for each day and plan meals to fit the amount of time you’ll have to prepare the food.


      • Pack lunches the night before. If kids will be having carrot or celery sticks every day, these can be washed, cut and put in baggies several days in advance. Same with fresh fruits like grapes and oranges.


      • Have kids help plan the menus and pack the lunches. Kids are more likely to eat what they have helped select and prepare. You may find they start to pick dinners that will make leftovers they enjoy for breakfast or lunch!


    • Keep it simple! If you have picky eaters, don’t use the lunchbox to introduce new foods.

Tips for quick and nutritious breakfasts:

      • Smoothies are fast, easy and delicious! There are any number of combinations and some kids who won’t eat fruits whole will drink a smoothie. Try mixing and matching fruits and adding yogurt, coconut water and even protein powder.


      • Scramble eggs and serve with Topline Foods uncured bacon or breakfast sausages for a quick and protein packed start. Some of our savory chicken sausages will also pair nicely with breakfast.


      • Turn the above into a breakfast sandwich by serving on a whole grain bagel with a slice of cheese.


    • Leftovers can be a big hit, and easy! Kids especially like leftover pizza and pasta dishes in the morning.

Tips for quick and nutritious lunches:

      • Topline Foods nitrate and nitrite free deli meats on whole grain bread with a child’s favorite condiments are a lunchbox staple. Picky eaters might enjoy having the crusts removed and the sandwich cut into triangles or other shapes.


      • Roll it up! Spread hummus or seasoned cream cheese on a tortilla or flavored wrap and top with favorite shredded veggies (carrots, zucchini, cucumber, roasted red pepper or lettuce and tomato, to name a few) and sliced leftover meats or deli meats.


      • Stuff pita bread with lettuce and last night’s leftover vegetables tossed in vinaigrette or ranch dressing. Add cut up leftover organic meats like grass fed beef or chicken or deli meat.


    • Dip it! Some kids will eat their fruits and vegetables when they have a dip. Try hummus, ranch dressing, vinaigrette or plain Greek yogurt. For fruit, mix vanilla or plain yogurt with honey and cinnamon to taste!

Tips for weeknight dinners:

      • Plan to make simpler meals on hectic nights. Better yet, plan to make a meal that creates leftovers earlier in the week that can be re-served on a night where time is really limited.


        • Save gourmet for the weekends! A protein and a vegetable will suffice on busy school nights. Roast a Topline Foods organic chicken and steam your favorite frozen organic veggies.


      . Or, grill up grass fed beef or buffalo burger patties with your favorite condiments on a bun for dinner in your hands! Or, grill a Topline Foods grass fed steak or wild caught seafood and toss a salad.


        • For nights when you have more time, try one of the many easy and delicious and easy recipes on our blog.


      . Turkey Couscous Meatloaf  is one delicious recipe. It offers a great way to get vegetables into picky eaters and makes great leftovers! You can also make it with Topline Foods grass fed organic ground beef or ground buffalo. Delicious!

Share your tips for eating healthy while maintaining a busy family schedule! We would love to hear from you!

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