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The Paleo Diet and Organic Grass Fed Beef in Los Angeles, CA

Buy Organic Grass Fed Beef Online


Organic Grass Fed Beef Steak cut with knife and fork

Buy organic grass fed beef and more online for the Paleo Diet and have it delivered to your door in Los Angeles, California!


If you are looking for a convenient, reliable supply of organic grass fed beef because you are living the Paleo Diet lifestyle in Los Angeles, Topline Foods makes it easy with online shopping and home delivery!

Our organic grass fed beef is raised in the Pacific Northwest on the abundant green grasses available almost year round. As 100% grass fed organic cattle they have the freedom to roam and are never given antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. This combination of a healthy, natural diet and plenty of exercise gives our organic grass fed beef full flavor and many health benefits including being lower in fat and calories and higher in Omega3s and CLAs. For more information on the many benefits of eating organic grass fed beef, click here.

When you are on the Paleo diet and live the lifestyle, it is important to have a trusted and reliable source for all your organic and grass fed meats including beef, organic chicken, wild caught seafood and more. Topline Foods save you time, money and frustration from searching all over town at organic and farmer’s markets only to be disappointed by the quality and selection available. You won’t have to worry about how to store or package 1/2 a cow. With Topline Foods, you order only the cuts you prefer and everything is individually portion controlled and vacuum packed to retain quality and freshness without added chemicals or preservatives. Nothing but healthy, delicious organic grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught seafood, pasture raised pork and more! Shop online today for home delivery to begin your healthy journey on the Paleo Diet!


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