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Tag Archives: whole foods

Grass Fed Beef and Eating Clean Whole Foods

If you are avoiding processed pre-packaged foods, consider the important differences between some of the “whole foods” you are choosing. What does grass fed beef offer that the beef at the grocery store doesn’t? Grass fed beef is healthier in many ways, but primarily it offers better nutrition including higher levels of Omega3s, lower levels [...]

Why eat grass fed beef and other whole foods?

  Why are people searching for grass fed beef and other whole foods? There are a lot of reasons why you might be looking for grass fed organic beef and other naturally raised meats and whole foods. Following are just a few reasons … The biggest common denominator is that grass fed organic beef is [...]

School Cafeterias in Colorado Teach Whole Foods Nutrition and Healthy Eating

    School District Makes Great Strides To Promote Healthy Habits, Whole Foods, and Good Nutrition. In a world where the United States government has deemed that pizza counts as a vegetable for school lunches, it’s good to know that some school districts are willing to go the extra mile all on their own to [...]

Organic for Kids: Parents Beware of Scams

  Organic Foods for Kids Can Still Be Processed Into Junk A lot of parents out there are getting conned out of their money by snack foods that insist that they’re healthy just because they managed to pack organic and ‘whole’ foods into their products. The great vitamins, fiber and balanced nutrition of organic foods [...]

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