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Tag Archives: Scottsdale

Growing Organic Grass Fed Beef in the Arizona Desert

  Let’s face it, Arizona is hot, and growing grass here is tough. Thus, finding good organic grass fed beef in AZ has been tough, until now. Arizona now has a great new source of the highest quality, home delivered ingredients, including five of our favorite cuts of our organic grass-fed beef. Topline Foods is [...]

Topline Foods organic chicken is better for you!

  Topline Foods offers organic chicken  and antibiotic free ground turkey that is never, ever treated with antibiotics or hormones. There is more and more disturbing proof that eating foods that are treated routinely with antibiotics is harmful to our health. This article talks more about how factory farms that treat their animals routinely with [...]

Topline Foods helps you avoid antibiotics and additives in your food!

  All Topline Foods organic and all grass fed products are raised to meet or exceed organic standards to provide you with the healthiest options for you and your family. Meat that is produced without antibiotics is extremely rare so if it doesn’t say “no hormones/antibiotics” it probably has been given hormones and antibiotics. This [...]

Topline Foods salmon is wild caught-never farm raised or genetically engineered!

    Wild Caught Salmon is Better for You! You may have heard a lot about farm raised seafood versus wild caught and now, genetically engineered salmon. Here are some quick facts about genetically engineered salmon and the problems with farm raised salmon. If this troubles you, click on the links below to read more. [...]

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