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Tag Archives: Phoenix

How and Why You Should Buy Organic Beef in Phoenix

  First, why should you buy organic beef in Phoenix? The most important reason to buy organic grass fed beef is that the nutritional profile of the meat is much healthier for you and the animals. There are lots of detailed information and numbers here, but the basics are that the ratio of Omega3 fatty [...]

Think You Should Eat Organic Meat, Phoenix? Take this quiz to find out!

Take this quick quiz to find out if you should eat organic meat in Phoenix! 1.  Do you want to avoid antibiotics and other chemicals in your meat? Organic meats are never given antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. (The overuse of antibiotics in farm animals has contributed to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria which poses [...]

Affordable Grass Fed Meat in Phoenix Arizona

Shop online for affordable grass fed meat in Phoenix and all of Arizona! Finding affordable and high quality grass fed meat can be tricky in Phoenix. Sure, some farmer’s markets have a local Arizona rancher selling grass fed beef but the supply can vary and if you don’t get to the market bright and early, [...]

Grass Fed Meat for your Healthy New Year in Phoenix

Is eating healthy grass fed meats part of your goals for the New Year? Topline Foods can help with that! We offer easy online shopping for organic grass fed meats including beef, chicken, wild caught seafood and more delivered to your door. Shipping in the  metro Phoenix area is free for orders over $199 and [...]

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