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Tag Archives: Phoenix organic grass fed beef

Cyber Monday Grass Fed Beef Holiday Value Packages in Arizona

Give healthy organic grass fed beef this holiday season in Arizona and save! Now through Cyber Monday (Nov. 28 2011) you can save $11.95 off shipping on any order! Shipping is FREE on all orders over $299! Just enter coupon code CYBER at check out! Topline Foods provides the highest quality organic grass fed beef, [...]

Cooking a Grass Fed Beef Roast for the Holidays?

  If you’re planning to cook one of Topline Foods’ beautiful grass fed beef roasts for the holidays, here are a couple tips:   First, defrost and then wash the roast, pat it dry, and rub it all over with herb salt [chop some fresh rosemary and thyme then mix with coarse sea salt], thenĀ  [...]

Eat clean, whole foods for better health!

  Clean, whole foods vs. processed foods The less processed our food the better! And really, the only way to control the amount and kinds of fat and sodium in our food is to cook at home with clean, whole foods like Topline Foods’ organic grass fed meats, wild caught seafood and organic produce. Topline [...]

Raising Organic Families is Easier with Topline Foods!

  Eating organic foods is better for you and your family. As people become more educated about what is and isn’t in their food, more families are trying to raise their children with as much organic foods as possible. It can be a challenge to eat entirely organic but eating as organic as possible is [...]

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