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Tag Archives: organic Phoenix

Wild Caught Salmon is non-GMO and best for your health!

Stop Frankenfish! FDA Ready to Approve First GMO Animal! The Food and Drug Administration has completed its highly-anticipated evaluation of the environmental impact of the world’s first genetically-engineered (GE) fish for human consumption and written a document supporting its commercialization on the U.S. market. The FDA previously issued a report saying that the fish is [...]

Coconut Shrimp

Try this delicious recipe using Topline Foods Wild Caught Shrimp. Serve with organic edamame quickly sauteed with a drop or two of toasted sesame oil!   1 lb. Topline Foods Wild Caught Shrimp, thawed 1 cup all purpose flour (or you can substitute any flour you prefer) 2 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup flaked coconut 1/2 [...]

Eat organic – support nonGMO month!

  Resisting The Corporate Theft Of Seeds By Vandana Shiva 19 September, 2011 We are in a food emergency. Speculation and diversion of food to biofuel has contributed to an uncontrolled price rise, adding more to the billion already denied their right to food. Industrial agriculture is pushing species to extinction through the use of [...]

Growing Organic Grass Fed Beef in the Arizona Desert

  Let’s face it, Arizona is hot, and growing grass here is tough. Thus, finding good organic grass fed beef in AZ has been tough, until now. Arizona now has a great new source of the highest quality, home delivered ingredients, including five of our favorite cuts of our organic grass-fed beef. Topline Foods is [...]

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