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Tag Archives: organic beef

How to cook an organic grassfed beef Tri-Tip Roast

This is not a recipe for cooking a beautiful organic grass fed beef Tri-Tip roast.   Rather, it is more of a guide. You can make some choices along the way to create the roast that will make you a star! Whenever I cook a piece of organic grass fed beef, I like to put [...]

Organic food is important but don’t stop there

When choosing organic for a healthier lifestyle, don’t stop with organic meat! Yes, organic food will improve your health by helping you to avoid many detrimental chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, antibiotics and added hormones.  It is also better for the animals as they are raised humanely and with the freedom to pursue their [...]

How and Why You Should Buy Organic Beef in Phoenix

  First, why should you buy organic beef in Phoenix? The most important reason to buy organic grass fed beef is that the nutritional profile of the meat is much healthier for you and the animals. There are lots of detailed information and numbers here, but the basics are that the ratio of Omega3 fatty [...]

Pink Slime: Same Old Story, Now With Beef

Ten Years Later, Conventional Meat Producers Are Using the Same Tricks   Honestly, my first reaction to this story was confusion. I came back from vacation to read that carcasses were being thrown into a big centrifuge to collect the extra scraps of meat and connective tissue. The resulting gunk gets sprayed down with ammonia [...]

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