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Tag Archives: nutrition

Pregnancy & Nutrition: What is best when it comes to your baby?

  At no point is nutrition more important; the benefits and dangers more lasting and powerful, than during pregnancy. In fact, quite often it isn’t until pregnancy that the effects of healthy eating really sink in. Topline Foods is here, as always, to make sure you have both the best food and the best food [...]

Arizona ranks #9 in the nation for deadliest eating habits.

Arizona’s unhealthy eating habits are attributed to having the 2nd fewest grocery stores per person thereby limiting access to healthy food.  Let Topline Foods be your healthy choice for all natural and organic foods delivered to your home! Eat right, save time and live life! Click here to read the article.

Autism Prevention?

    I had breakfast this week with a friend of mine who’s daughter was diagnosed at an early age with Autism. Because of that and thousands of hours of research, he started a Non-Profit organization called Prevent Autism Today  (www.PreventAutism.org). We started to discuss some of the  actions that people could take to prevent [...]

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