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Tag Archives: gluten free

Snack Baggies: Healthy Organic or Paleo Snacks for Kids

Snack Baggies: Easy Kid’s Snacks for a Healthy, Organic Lifestyle. There’s no need to over-think healthy snack foods, especially when time is a factor. Perfect for car trips, lunchboxes, and casual around-the-house snacking, a snack bag filled with a few simple finger foods can become an instant classic. Back when I was a kid, they [...]

Sticking to an Organic, Gluten-Free, or Paleo Diet, Part 3

  Sticking to an Organic,¬†Gluten-free, or¬†Paleo Diet, Part 3 By this point we know that it’s important to make a plan, and to keep track of your progress as you gradually reduce your junk food intake and replace it with healthy, organic products free from processed sugar or sodium, pesticides or preservatives. But our diet [...]

Why is Celiac disease on the rise?

“Nearly five times as many Americans have celiac disease today than in the 1950s, a recent study of 9,133 young adults at Warren Air Force Base found. Another recent report found that the rates of celiac disease have doubled every 15 years since 1974. The debilitating digestive disease is now estimated to afflict about 1 [...]

GMO Threat is Serious – Ask Hungarian Government!

Hungarian Government Takes GMO Threat Seriously Nearly 1000 acres of corn were destroyed this summer in Hungary in order to prevent their pollen from spreading after it was discovered that they had accidentally been contaminated with GMO maize. Genetically modified seeds are banned in Hungary, but after new laws were passed requiring seeds to be [...]

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