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Tag Archives: antibiotics and shrimp

Wild Caught Shrimp Tacos

These shrimp tacos are made with wild caught, antibiotic free shrimp and can be spiced up or down to your taste! These are so simple and so tasty! If you want to avoid the tortillas, just use lettuce leaves to make them into delicious wraps! Ingredients: 1 lb. wild caught shrimp, thawed 1/2 yellow or [...]

Farmed Shrimp Sources Fall Short of FDA Standards, Industry Responses Just Fall Short

  A Deconstruction of the Misdirecting, PR Response to the Scandal I’m such a word nerd. Every time I hear an advertisement or a public relations announcement, I can’t help picking apart all the misdirecting jargon, the double meanings, the deceptive technicalities. It makes me feel all warm and smug inside. The Global Aquaculture Alliance [...]

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