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Sticking to an Organic, Gluten-Free, or Paleo Diet, Part 2

Sticking to an Organic, Gluten-Free, or Paleo Diet, Part 2

So, you’ve decided to go on a diet. You know what foods you want to avoid, what foods to stockpile, and how much you should eat in each group. Does this mean that you have to draw up intricate charts of every vitamin, mineral and calorie? Well, no. Not unless you want to, it’s kind of like putting together a weekly Sudoku puzzle. But you can get amazing results with only a rough estimation of your intake and a good, nutritional base. But you do need that rough estimate.

2. Keep Track of How You’re Doing:

It’s hard to correct a back track, keep perspective on a single mistake, or appreciate how well you’re doing if you don’t keep a record of your progress.

Taking the time to maintain even a basic idea of what you’re eating, the goals you’ve achieved and the steps left to take can be a big help. Start by trying to list out everything you’ve eaten over the course of the day. It may be tricky at first, but your brain will adapt to what you ask it to do, and will soon start to pay more attention when you snack. Not only does this make keeping a record easier, it means you’ll be more likely to keep your health goals in mind over the course of the day, helping you make better snap decisions and appreciate the benefits.

Writing down a plan will also keep your diet from becoming too vague or too aggressive. Your monthly eating habits are too complex to keep all in your head, so people who try tend to do one of two things. They may develop general intentions to eat healthier, which can fail to control a lot of little transgressions that add up to something significant. On the other hand, they might adopt an overly strict vigilance about what they eat, since “always” and “never” are much easier to keep track of than “so much per week”. However we’ve already discussed how an abrupt “cold turkey” approach can put a real strain on you self control and lead to a burn out. It also doesn’t leave any wiggle room for when life happens, and can lead to unfounded feelings of failure and hopelessness after a minor slip up. Keeping even a simple grocery list and planning out the week’s menu can help you find the right balance of focus and flexibility, and help you see what food groups you may need to reduce or shore up with snacks.

Topline Foods makes organizing your menu easy; with filters for food groups as well as different diets, like the Paleo Diet, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian. We have nutrition facts available for every item, which can be easily copy-pasted into a diet plan or simply compared or contrasted for choosing just the right product. We can deliver as many entrées, side dishes, snacks and sauces as you need, saving you time (and money) at the grocery store that you can use to keep track of your diet, prep your favorite meal, exercise or just take some well earned time off to relax.


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