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Looking for grass fed beef and organic meat in Phoenix and all of Arizona?

Topline Foods offers a full line of healthy, lean proteins for your active lifestyle in Phoenix and all of AZ! Whether you enjoy the great taste of grass fed beef or appreciate organic meats because they don’t use GMOs in any way or have pesticides or herbicides, we have the best of both worlds – certified organic grass fed and finished beef!

Our cattle are raised on the lush, naturally abundant grasses of the Pacific Northwest.  Because our beef is certified organic, these grasses are non-GMO and have not been treated by synthetic chemicals like pesticides or herbicides for at least 3 years. And, yes, our cattle are 100% grass fed and finished. No grains and no feedlots!

Topline Foods beef never receive antibiotics, added hormones (the cattle have their own nature given hormones, of course!), and receive humane treatment. Our family farmers are proud of their operations and fine stewardship of the land and give back to their local communities.

Are you new to grass fed beef and organic meats? If so, you may not know why people are choosing it over conventionally factory farmed meats. Everyone has their own reasons, of course. However, a lot of our customers want to avoid antibiotics, chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, and added hormones in their food. Some, are living the Paleo Lifestyle and grass fed meats are a big part of that. Others, choose grass fed beef for its many health benefits like being higher in Omega3s, lower in Omega6s, higher in CLAs and many nutrients. Still others, just like the great flavor! Whatever your reason may be, Topline Foods grass fed organic beef will satisfy your palate and enhance your healthy lifestyle choices.

Shop online and we’ll deliver to your door! In addition to grass fed organic beef we also offer a full ¬†line of wild caught seafood, antibiotic free and organic chicken, pastured pork and more!


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