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School Cafeterias in Colorado Teach Whole Foods Nutrition and Healthy Eating



School District Makes Great Strides To Promote Healthy Habits, Whole Foods, and Good Nutrition.

In a world where the United States government has deemed that pizza counts as a vegetable for school lunches, it’s good to know that some school districts are willing to go the extra mile all on their own to make sure their kids get the best nutrition and learn valuable life lessons about healthy, whole foods.


Their School Food Renaissance Program is putting the emphasis back onto quality, with a fantastic list of steps and new standards:

  • •     All entrees will be made from scratch in a central production kitchen and distributed to the schools. Highly-Processed Foods will be completely gone by 2013
  • •     Raw ingredients will be natural or whole wherever possible.
  • •     Artificial dyes, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, added sugar, growth hormone and antibiotics are out.
  • •     Keep the menus simple; put that time and effort into quality. 2 daily choices for Elementary students, 4 at Middle School, 5 at High School.
  • •     Balance out the simplicity with choices at the salad bar, stocked with local produce whenever possible.
  • •     Flavored milk is a compromise; now available only two to three times per week instead of every day.

In addition, the schools are also active participants in several fresh produce programs as well as Farm to School, which helps local farmers not only sell their fresh products to school, but also share their experiences with students through presentations and field trips. Students are also taught about agriculture, nutrition and whole foods through hands on experience with the school’s own vegetable garden.


While we certainly have a long ways to go before all of our districts are this dedicated to quality nutrition and whole foods, it warms the heart to know that people do care, and that progress is being made, step by step.






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