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Save Time and Money with Organic Food

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Tips for making healthy organic meals easier and more affordable!


Keep a well stocked pantry and spice cabinet

If you keep a variety of spice mixes, vinegars, stocks and condiments in your kitchen, you will be able to create simple, delicious meals at home easily. Just the fact that you are eating dinner at home most nights (vs. eating out) saves many families a considerable amount of money. Not to mention the fat, chemical additives and sodium that you remove from your diet simply by cooking quality, grass fed and organic meats yourself. You are in control!  You don’t have to be a trained chef to put together delicious, healthy meals every night of the week. With Topline Foods lean proteins in your freezer you can quick thaw a chicken breast, grass fed steak or piece of wild caught seafood, sprinkle with one of our Signature Seasonings or brush with a vinaigrette and roast in the oven or grill. Add a vegetable or two on the side and dinner is served quickly with no fuss.

Spend a few minutes planning your meals for the week.

Spend 5-15 minutes planning out the week’s meals before heading to the grocery store and you will reap great time savings throughout the week! Try writing the days of the week down the left side of a piece of paper and entering your ideas for that week’s dinners (and breakfast/lunches too, if you have special requirements for those meals as well. Some just keep a variety of standard  lunch staples on hand, like eggs and our nitrate free bacon and deli meats).  A great place to start is by reviewing the quality lean proteins from Topline Foods that are in your freezer.  You don’t have  to have fancy recipes for each meal, for example, one night might be “chicken breast and roasted veg”.  Anther night might be “grass fed skirt steak tacos with avocado, jalapeno, shredded cabbage and salsa”.

After you have your meals written down, review the items you don’t have on hand and add to your grocery list. Once you return from your (brief) trip to the store place your list where you can refer to it throughout the week. Whether you are a busy working person or a harried mom, not having to think about what you will be making each night makes dinner less stressful. Knowing you have everything on hand for the week saves return trips to the store and wasted time. When you are tempted to go out to eat because you are tired, knowing that dinner is already planned and the ingredients are on hand helps to keep you eating at home and saving money.

Some people find it helps to start the week using fresh produce for their side dishes and as the week progresses, switch to using organic frozen vegetables. This way you will always have a quick side available but don’t have to worry that your produce will be wilted at the end of the week.

Stretch your dollars by adding veggies!

When using your lean ground meats to make meals like, chili, pasta sauces or meatloaf, shred some vegetables to increase the volume of the meal and add additional nutrition. Shredded carrot, spinach and zucchini are a great addition to meatloaf recipes because of the added volume but also because they increase moisture in the dish as well. They can also be added to any tomato based pasta sauce or chile recipe. Think of dicing mushrooms, sweet potatoes, butternut squash – anything you like that is in season! This is an especially great idea for getting additional vegetable servings into picky eaters or those of us who don’t prefer a lot of vegetables on their plate.

When serving grass fed steaks, which are admittedly more costly, try making sure there are plenty of vegetables to go along with it. You may find that you aren’t hungry for the entire serving and can save a portion to have for your lunch the next day. Creating two meals from one will make that steak more affordable.

Cook once, eat twice!

Let’s say your meal plan includes chicken breast served with roasted vegetables or in tacos one night. If you cook twice as many chicken breasts that night and refrigerate the extra portions, you could have a salad with cold roasted chicken the next night – no cooking involved. Think how easy that evening’s meal will be to put together! This idea would also work with ground meats or steaks. For example, if you are making chile one night and are browning organic grass fed ground beef anyway, double the amount, take 1/2 out before adding the rest of your chile ingredients. Now you can reheat the cooked ground beef, add Mexican style seasonings and have easy burritos the following night. If you have leftover grass fed steak, slice it up and use it for a great (better than) restaurant quality salad the next night or maybe in a hearty sandwich with blue cheese, lettuce and tomato. These types of dinners are especially helpful on nights where you only have  moments to make and eat a healthy dinner.


Topline Foods delivers high quality, lean proteins to your door including organic grass fed beef, organic and antibiotic free chicken, wild caught seafood and more! Ordering online is quick and easy – get started today and learn how much time and money shopping with us can save you!


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