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Save time and money buying grass fed beef in Los Angeles, CA

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How can you save time and money buying grass fed meats in Los Angeles, California?

Everyone knows driving in Los Angeles is tough – so much traffic and congestion on the Southern California freeways!  Save yourself the time, money and frustration of driving those busy L.A. freeways and we’ll deliver to your home. Shop online for all your lean proteins including grass fed organic beef, organic free range chicken, wild caught seafood and more!

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Enhance your healthy lifestyle with the finest quality meats raised the way nature intended. You won’t find antibiotics, hormones, steroids or added chemicals in any of our meats. We source from family farmers who serve their local communities and take pride in the quality of their farming practices and sustainable stewardship of the land. When you see our Topline Certified seal on our website you know you are getting the highest quality meats available in the market!

We also offer several ways to save money from bulk discounts to loyalty rewards, referral rewards and weekly discounts and specials. To see if an item offers a bulk discount, just click on the item. In addition, this will show you a complete product description along with nutritional information and ingredients. Click here to sign up for our weekly specials email and learn more about all the ways we offer you the best price on grass fed organic meats!

Whether you practice the Paleo or Primal lifestyle, enjoy CrossFitting, or simply want to eat organic, whole foods for better health – shopping Topline Foods makes it easy with online shopping and home delivery. You’ll love the convenience of online shopping, home delivery and our quality individual vacuum sealed packaging.

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