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Salmon – Ocean Caught? Farm Raised? or River Caught?

We had a new fish supplier stop out this week who catches all of their salmon and halibut fresh out of the Alaskan waters.  We started talking about the different types of salmon and what the major differences were.  What we learned actually made a lot of common sense.

Salmon lives naturally in the ocean.  So when we try and farm raise the fish, it loses much of the nutrients that it naturally gets from its diet in the ocean.  As with much of our food, the more we start messing with it and changing it, the more dangerous it becomes to our health.

So what about river caught salmon?  The picture of a fisherman with a pole and their fishing boots looks very natural.  The biggest problem with river caught salmon is by the time the fish reaches the river, it is basically swimming up the stream to die.  They are generally older fish and tougher skinned (look what happens to most of us as we get older!).  Plus you never know what chemicals could be in the water from pesticides or any other pollution.  Makes sense to me!

With all that being said, most experts agree that the freshest, cleanest, healthiest, most tender salmon will almost always come from the ocean.  Be sure whatever type of fish you are buying that you are buying wild caught seafood (we’ll save the topic of mercury levels in farm raised fish for another day)!

Oh, did I mention that TopLine Foods offers a complete line of wild caught seafood including: salmon, tuna,  halibut, and sea bass?  We even deliver it to your door with a smile!  :-)

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