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Organic Chicken Coconut Thai Soup

picture of organic chicken thai coconut soup
This quick and delicious soup is filled with moist organic, free range chicken and rich with coconut milk. In some areas of the country, this time of year sees the summer leaving and the fall beginning. However, if you live in Arizona, Nevada or California we still have some summer ahead of us. Typically you don’t want soup when it’s still hot outside but this one is great year round! You can add whatever vegetables you have on hand and can control the spice level to your tastes. Try it and enjoy! Ingredients 4 organic free range chicken

Why eat grass fed beef and other whole foods?

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Why are people searching for grass fed beef and other whole foods? There are a lot of reasons why you might be looking for grass fed organic beef and other naturally raised meats and whole foods. Following are just a few reasons … The biggest common denominator is that grass fed organic beef is just better for you and the land. Our cattle are raised in the Pacific Northwest United States with the freedom to roam and graze on organic green grasses and engage in their natural behaviors. While this makes for healthier, happier animals it is

Buy Grass Fed Beef for Your Health

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Want to buy grass fed beef for better health? More and more, people are becoming educated about the differences between grass fed beef and conventionally raised grain finished beef. If you are just starting out on your research, you can learn the facts here. The basic differences are that grass fed beef is leaner because it is not confined to a feedlot and spends it’s life freely roaming. It is also less marbled because it is never “finished” (or fed) grains which fatten the cattle quickly and cheaply for the farmer. The difference in diet and exercise

Save Time and Money with Organic Food

wild caught salmon filet
Tips for making healthy organic meals easier and more affordable! Keep a well stocked pantry and spice cabinet If you keep a variety of spice mixes, vinegars, stocks and condiments in your kitchen, you will be able to create simple, delicious meals at home easily. Just the fact that you are eating dinner at home most nights (vs. eating out) saves many families a considerable amount of money. Not to mention the fat, chemical additives and sodium that you remove from your diet simply by cooking quality, grass fed and organic meats yourself. You are in control! 

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