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How to host Thanksgiving dinner without the stress!

family holiday turkey
Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be stressful! We think outside the box a bit when it comes to holiday meals. This is supposed to be a time of thanks for the many people we appreciate in our lives and a chance to spend time together with loved ones. There are no rules you have to follow and there are no Thanksgiving police. When deciding what to serve this holiday season, keep these ideas in mind: Do you and your family love roast turkey? Then go ahead and make one. But, only if this year’s holiday allows the time

Grass Fed Organic Meats Delivered to Your Home

Coffee Rubbed Filet Mignon
Topline Foods delivers organic grass fed meat to your door nationwide! When looking for the healthiest proteins, you will find that grass fed organic beef is far superior in nutrition than factory farm raised meat. Organic meat contains higher levels of Omega3 fatty acids and CLAs and lower levels of unhealthful Omega6s. Plus, they are higher in many nutrients and minerals. You can learn more here. Is Topline Foods grass fed organic meat also grass finished? Yes, our cattle are raised on abundant grasses in the Northwest United States where the conditions are perfect for growing grass and 

American Meat, The Documentary

Joel Salatin on his farm
There’s a new documentary coming out  called American Meat If you have seen Food Inc you’ll already understand the importance of eating well raised animals that don’t come from factory farming. However, there is an exciting new movie coming out in November called American Meat and it looks to be fantastic! The main difference between the two films is that Food Inc focused on the problems in factory farming while this new documentary is offering the solution as well as answering some important questions like why is organic grass fed beef more expensive than commercial, factory

Certified Organic Label Broken Down

usda organic label
When you see the Certified Organic label,  what does that mean? Any products carrying the label you see to the right have gone through a rigorous application and certification process with the USDA to confirm that the products are made with only organic ingredients. The producers must also maintain meticulous records and submit to audits to verify that all claims are accurate. Almost any product you can think of can be certified from produce, meats, skin care products and clothing. In the case of animals, it also means their diet consisted of organic feeds. For beef cattle,

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