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A few thoughts on buying organic meat on a budget

Perfect Grass Fed Beef Roast
Here are a few thoughts on how you can buy organic meat and beef on a budget! Choosing organic meat and grass fed beef is healthier although no one can argue that it is as cheap as factory farmed meats. Once you understand the differences between factory farmed meat (feedlots, antibiotic use, hormone use, grain fed or finished, etc.) and organic grass fed meat (no feedlots, no antibiotics or growth promoting substances, fed no grains ever, no exposure to harmful chemicals like pesticides/herbicides), we’re pretty sure you will want to eat the organic meat. What if

Is organic meat and grass fed beef good for you?

family farmer organic grass fed beef
We’re not going to get into all the different diets, lifestyles and opinions about eating meat. We’re going to start from the place where you are a meat eater. Now, we’re going to talk about the different options you have on the kind of meat you choose to buy and eat – organic, grass fed or factory farmed/conventionally raised. Do you know how conventionally raised or “factory farmed” beef is raised? It is actually kind of sad that today we call the meat sold at the grocery store “conventional” because 50 or 60 years ago, meat was

Why buy organic free range chicken?

Organic Free Range Chicken Breast
Why should I buy organic free range chicken? First, let’s describe what “free range” chicken means. For a package of chicken to be labeled “free range” the birds must be cage free and have outdoor access for at least part of the day. All certified “organic” chicken is “free range” but not all “free range” chicken is “organic”. The free range label applies to less than 1% of all chickens raised in the United States. The label does not guarantee that the chickens actually went outside or how much time they spent outside. Frankly, most often the

Grass fed meat hard to find in California due to drought

organic grass fed cattle
  Having trouble finding grass fed meat in Los Angeles and California? Unfortunately, the ongoing drought in California is taking a toll on grass fed beef ranchers. There simply isn’t enough grass to feed the cattle and ranchers are being forced to resort to grain feeding to sustain their herds (Los Angeles Times “Another Drought Victim – Grass Fed Beef). This is unfortunate but necessary. However, as many of you may already know, the meat from grain fed beef cattle has an entirely different nutritional profile as well as taste and texture from that of organic grass

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