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Organic Skin Care?


Once in a while you get the honor of meeting someone who is so genuine and passionate about their business that it is just contagious. You just know with that type of passion and love for what they do, they can’t help but be successful. Well, we recently met someone exactly like that! 


Amber Zoellner is the founder of Sage Organic Skincare. The whole concept behind Sage Organic Skincare is achieving positive results with a simple approach. Amber believes that beauty is accomplished by embracing what is truly important in life, caring for our personal well-being while simultaneously considering environmental health.


When you walk into Sage at 32nd St & Cambelback, you will witness she genuinely holds true to her word and beliefs. All of the furnishings and decorations are made from re-cycled, sustainable or refurbished pieces with an artful touch. And of course she uses only the most effective organic products. Sage is a charming, neighborhood gem created from passion with honesty and provides nothing shy of a fresh, toxin-free environment.


So whether you are looking for a wonderful organic facial or simply need a breath of fresh air, we encourage you to swing in and see why she made such a great impression on us. You will find true beauty, both inside and out! You can reach Amber at 480-336-0042 or on the web.

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