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Organic food is important but don’t stop there

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When choosing organic for a healthier lifestyle, don’t stop with organic meat!

Yes, organic food will improve your health by helping you to avoid many detrimental chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, antibiotics and added hormones.  It is also better for the animals as they are raised humanely and with the freedom to pursue their natural behaviors. The environment benefits, as well, through sustainable stewardship by family farmers. These are important reasons to avoid non-organic meat and you can get even more details here about why organic grass fed beef is the healthiest choice.

But what else should you consider when trying to improve health and wellness? How about your environment at home? Did you know that most mattresses contain many dangerous chemicals such as suffocants, stabilizers and fire retardants? And you sleep on it every night!  Your home should be your sanctuary, your safe place and, most importantly, a healthy place. How can you create a healthier home sanctuary? It’s easy when you have some help.

EcoClean and Organic Living are companies dedicated to providing the solutions to removing dangerous chemicals and irritants from your home. They offer everything including a certified air specialist, medical grade air purifiers and the finest organic matresses and bedding. They also offer zero V.O.C. paints, sustainable flooring and healthy, non-toxic cleaners for your home or business. You can browse their selections here and then give them a call to discuss any questions or place an order. While they are located in Phoenix, AZ anyone can benefit from their products and expertise because they ship nationwide.

So shop for all the highest quality organic meats at the best price with Topline Foods and then go that next step, and improve the quality of your home surroundings with some help from EcoClean today.

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