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Organic Grass Fed Meat San Diego

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Looking for organic grass fed meat in San Diego California?

When you live in a gorgeous city like San Diego, why spend your time (and money for gas) driving around town looking for the healthiest organic and grass fed meats? You could be outside enjoying the fabulous San Diego weather with friends and family! Let Topline Foods deliver the best quality organic meat to your door. Shopping online is quick and convenient – unlike the sometimes disappointing selection and quality available at farmer’s markets and organic grocers.

mom with coffee in the kitchen smiling at laptopIf you are looking for organic grass fed meat you probably already know that it is healthier than factory farmed and grain fed meat.  The nutritional profile is much better including higher levels of CLAs and Omega3 fatty acids as well as many important nutrients. It is also lower in fat and calories because it is leaner and less marbled than conventionally raised meat. You can find all the facts on these nutritional differences here.

Sometimes, you’ll find organic meat or grass fed meat when you shop online. Topline Foods’ beef is all organic and grass fed/finished. This means you get the best of everything in one product. These animals are raised on the pristine and organic pastures of the Pacific Northwest United States (not Australia or New Zealand-many thousands of miles away). They enjoy the freedom to roam, graze and engage in their natural “cow” behaviors. There are no antibiotics, steroids or added hormones administered. Additionally, you and the animals avoid exposure to any chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers.


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