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Organic grass fed meat Los Angeles

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Want to buy the highest quality organic grass fed meat in Los Angeles?

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Topline Foods sources the best organic meat from family ranches in the beautiful and lush Pacific Northwest United States. They are allowed unlimited outdoor access to roam, graze and participate in natural behaviors.  The land they live on is certified organic, as well, so they are never exposed to unhealthy chemicals like herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. In fact, the animals must be born on organic land to be included in this category of beef. They are also never given antibiotics, added hormones or growth promoting substances. They grow at their own natural rate.

Organic grass fed meat has more healthy nutrients

Grass fed meat has a completely different (and healthier) nutritional profile than grain fed or finished meat. Aside from the benefits of being organic which were mentioned above, grass fed meat is lower in fat and calories and the fat it does have is higher in heart healthy Omega3s and lower in unhealthful Omega 6s. It also is higher in CLAs and many other important nutrients like Beta Carotene and Vitamin E.

But, shouldn’t I buy local organic grass fed meat?

Buying local is an excellent idea when it works out. However, not everyone in Los Angeles has the time or interest in seeking out a farmer or making the drive (in LA traffic) out to the farm or the farmer’s market. Our customers also tell us that in addition to the time and money (gas) it takes to get to local sources, the selection of cuts and the packaging are not what they are looking for. Most local sources will want you to buy a portion of a whole animal or whatever cuts they have left over and bring to the farmer’s market.

Organic Grass Fed Beef Steak cut with knife and forkTopline Foods has a wide selection of organic grass fed meat including steaks, roasts and ground beef

And, we package everything in vacuum sealed packages which will stay fresh in your freezer up to one year. No more freezer burn from poorly packaged meat which is another money saver- no waste. We also package most everything in individual packages which means you can take one steak or 5 out of the freezer at your preference! They also thaw quickly in a clean sink of cold water and are ready for your grill in minutes! If you wish, you can thaw in the refrigerator overnight and add a marinade or spice rub to add flavor and tenderness to your steaks. We also have some great tips for marinating and cooking all your Topline Foods organic grass fed meat.

Shopping online is convenient and easy, plus, save money by buying in bulk!

Shop online and receive affordable rates for shipping to your home or office in Los Angeles (and all of California, Nevada, Arizona and more!).  We also offer the best prices when you buy in bulk. Bulk quantities usually start at 6 each of an item and can really save you money! Just click on an item and then click on the “buy in bulk and save” button to see the discounts available for that item. We believe everyone should have access to the best quality for organic grass fed meat, not just those who have convenient local access. In fact, most of the country doesn’t “know their farmer”. When you want to eat the most healthful meat, shop online and we’ll deliver to your door.

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