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Organic grass fed meat Las Vegas

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Want to buy organic grass fed meat in Las Vegas Nevada?

If you have done your research (like we have), then you know that eating organic meat that is grass fed and finished is best for your health. The nutritional profile for meat raised this way is superior to factory farming techniques and even better than organic cattle that are finished on grain – even organic grain. When animals are raised with the freedom to roam and graze in a low stress environment without chemical interference from man, they are happier and their meat is a higher quality. Not to mention that this type of animal care is better for the cattle and the environment.

Organic grass fed beef New York strip steak rawSave yourself the time and money (not to mention staying out of the heat in Las Vegas) by shopping online for the highest quality organic grass fed meats. We offer very affordable shipping rates to Las Vegas with only one day in transit. Your meat will arrive perfectly frozen inside a cooler with plenty of dry ice. We always contact you by email before shipping to ensure that someone will be available to bring the meat inside that evening. You will also receive an email with tracking information once shipping has occurred. If you aren’t happy, neither are we. If anything isn’t to your liking with your shipment and food, just let us know and we will make it right for you!




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