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Obesity and Portion Control

Topline Foods All Natural and Organic Foods Help You Eat Healthier

Most people agree that we have an obesity problem in this country.  In fact, it’s become such a growing concern that the First Lady has made it one of her top priorities.  There are a lot of different reasons for this, but probably at the forefront is the type of foods that we eat, and the quantities that we consume!

Many adults today grew up during the “Clean Your Plate Club” days.  That is, if they didn’t eat everything on their plate, there were consequences.  We can all remember the familiar saying: “Clean your plate, there are starving children that would love to eat that food!”  The obvious learned behavior from such conditioning was to keep eating until all your food was gone, even if you were already full.

When we fast forward to today, and repeat those same behaviors with our children, there’s no wonder why obesity has become such a serious issue.  The portion sizes that are being served in restaurants today have grown dramatically.  At most fast food restaurants you have the option to “Super Size” your meal.  There is the growing popularity of the “all you can eat buffets” (hey, you have to get your money’s worth, right?).  And of course, the rise in the number of discount warehouse clubs advising us to “buy more and save,” certainly hasn’t helped.  In fact, when you consider the waste from leftovers or items that get freezer burn, are you really saving money by buying the larger packages anyway?

Much of the problem with trying to control your portions is that if there is a large package of food available in your home, you are more apt to go back for seconds (or thirds).  How many times have you opened a bag of Oreo’s and put two on your plate, only to find yourself back in the bag minutes later?  How about that favorite bag of chips?  The intentions are good, but the will power is weak.  Not only do we end up eating too much, but the guilty feelings afterward can create a downward spiral that only perpetuates itself.

One way to help with this is to look at companies like TopLine Foods who specialize in helping you control your portion sizes.  We individually package each piece of all natural chicken, organic grass fed steak, and wild caught seafood.  If you and your spouse want chicken, you can prepare two 6-ounce chicken breasts and have no leftovers and no temptation of eating more when you really don’t need it.  In order to win the obesity battle and put yourself in control of your portion sizes, you must surround yourself with the right tools.

If you’d like to try our food and portion control packaging simply go to our website www.toplinefoods.com and log in to start shopping! You have nothing to lose except those extra inches!

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