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More People are Buying Grass Fed Beef Online in Las Vegas

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When you live in Las Vegas, it is easier to buy your grass fed and organic beef online from Topline Foods!


Las Vegas is a busy place, with busy citizens. More and more, our customers are ordering online from Las Vegas, Nevada where we offer very reasonable prices for overnight shipping. Why is this trend increasing? Lots of reasons including:

Highest quality grass fed meats – as nature intended!

Our grass fed beef is 100% grass fed and finished and our grass fed organic beef additionally ensures that the pastures the cattle roam are chemical free. Our cattle are raised in America in the Pacific Northwest on family ranches by farmers who care about their cattle, the environment and their local communities. If you haven’t tried grass fed beef yet you’ll probably notice that it is leaner (and therefore has fewer calories), has a deliciously “beefy” flavor and better texture than conventionally raised, feedlot beef. You may have already learned that it is also much healthier for you and your family. Because our beef receives no grains and spends no time in feedlots, the meat’s nutritional profile is much better including having higher levels of heart healthy Omega-3s and CLAs. Click here to learn more about the many benefits of choosing grass fed beef.

All our meats are nature’s finest. Our chicken is all antibiotic free, cage free or organic, free range which allows for pecking and foraging. Our pork is all family farmed and pasture raised allowing the animals to engage in natural behaviors including rooting and foraging.  All of our seafood is wild caught, never farmed, and never receive antibiotics, dangerous dyes or pesticides. You receive only the best tasting and healthiest meats nature can offer.

Shopping online for home delivery is affordable, quick and easy!

Spend just a few minutes shopping and your selection of grass fed and organic meats will arrive within a couple days, depending on the day of the week you order. Most people buy all their proteins for one-two month’s worth of healthy meals. Our reasonable shipping rates are calculated by a link to UPS based on the zip code and the weight of your order. How much time could you save buying all your lean proteins online without having to drive all over town? Enough to justify the low cost of shipping, certainly. It is rare to find as wide a selection of proteins in one place. We offer grass fed and organic beef, antibiotic free and organic free range chicken, wild caught seafood, pasture raised pork and more!

Quality packaging for convenience and freshness!

When you order from Topline Foods, you receive not only the best quality products but also the best quality packaging. Gone will be the days of coming home from the grocery store to spend even more time re-wrapping your meats to protect them in the freezer. All our foods are in vacuum sealed, portion controlled and freezer safe packages that will retain freshness for at least six months. To see portion sizes for any of our products, simply click on the product for a complete description, nutritional information, and ingredients. Not only does this quality packaging protect your food and retain freshness without additives or chemicals, it also makes quick thawing your meats easy! Select the protein you want to prepare, place in a clean sink of cold water and most of our items will be thawed in 10-15 minutes. Of course, some of our items will definitely benefit from thawing overnight in the refrigerator, such as our various roasts, ground meats and burgers. If you choose to thaw your grass fed steaks overnight, take advantage of that time and give them a quick spice rub or marinade, too. Dinner prep made quick and easy!


These are just a couple of the reasons people living in Las Vegas choose Topline Foods for their grass fed meats. What are your reasons for ordering nature’s finest meats online?

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