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How and Why You Should Buy Organic Beef in Phoenix

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organic grass fed cattle

First, why should you buy organic beef in Phoenix?

The most important reason to buy organic grass fed beef is that the nutritional profile of the meat is much healthier for you and the animals. There are lots of detailed information and numbers here, but the basics are that the ratio of Omega3 fatty acids to Omega6 fatty acids is far superior, the animal’s are healthier without grains in their diet so their meat has less potentially harmful bacteria, and they don’t receive antibiotics so are not contributing to the increase in antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Organic grass fed beef is also tastier! It has less intramuscular fat (marbling) than grain fed or finished beef so the “beefy” taste is much richer and pronounced without being gamey. This is because they are fed only 100% grass their entire lives and roam freely on pastures exercising their muscles. When cattle are taken to (dirty, crowded) feedlots and fed grain they gain a lot of (unhealthy, high in Omega6) fat which is where marbling comes from. While this marbling does increase tenderness, it isn’t great for you and takes away from the beef-y flavor. Some people prefer that softer, marbled texture but once you try grass fed beef and learn how to cook and marinate it properly, you’ll never look back or enjoy grain fed beef again!

Organic Grass Fed Beef Steak cut with knife and fork

Ok, you’re sold! How do you buy organic beef in Phoenix?

It’s easy — shop online with Topline Foods! Just visit our website at www.toplinefoods.com to start shopping and fill your cart with delicious and healthy grass fed organic beef, organic free range chicken, wild caught seafood and more! Our selection is unsurpassed and we ship to your door! It doesn’t get easier (or tastier) than that! People who shop with us for all their healthy proteins spend less time and money at the grocery store. They tell us they actually save money because the food they have at home is so much better in taste and quality, they don’t even want to eat out anymore! Plus, when you cook at home, you control all the ingredients including sodium and sugar not to mention high fructose corn syrup and GMOs!

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