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Healthy lunchbox ideas help with back to school!

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It is almost time for school to start and, from a parent’s perspective, that is great news! Unfortunately, we have all been hearing a lot lately about the poor nutritional quality of most school lunches. If possible, try packing a fresh lunch for your kids and keep these tips in mind:

–Keep it minimally processed-kids (and all of us) need to eat clean, whole foods in order to avoid high levels of sodium, sugars and artificial dyes.

–Avoid chemicals and pesticides with organic choices

–Avoid lunch meats with nitrites/nitrates

–Avoid meats from animals which have been given antibiotics

If you are gluten free or following the Paleo lifestyle, coming up with delicious nutritious lunches for yourself and  your family can be tricky. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to pack a healthy lunch without the grains:

–Try wrapping a healthy deli meat around wedges of apple (dip in citrus juice to keep from browning) or crisp veggies like celery, sweet peppers, carrot or zucchini for a crunchy wrap style sandwich without the “wrap”.

–Use small containers for dips of hummus, salsa or guacamole to dip veggies or rolled up lunch meat – even leftover roasted organic chicken or grass fed steak from dinner the night before.

–A small handful of nuts or seeds makes a great afternoon snack.

–Berries make the perfect sweet ending to a meal and are finger food friendly.

Topline Foods offers a line of deli meats that  are nitrite/nitrate free and come from animals raised without antibiotics.  Topline Foods delivers organic and grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught seafood and much more! Shop online today – nature’s finest meats – delivered!

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