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Grass Fed Meats in San Diego California


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Where can you find the best grass fed meats in San Diego, CA?

More and more people are looking for grass fed and finished beef but have trouble finding the consistent quality and selection they want. Topline Foods offers a full line of certified organic grass fed and finished meats including Filet Mignon, New York Strip Steak, Rib Eye Steak and much more. Shopping online is easy and your meats are delivered to your home. It doesn’t get  more convenient than that!

Why are people looking for grass fed and finished meats?

Grass fed meats are better for us, the animals and the planet. Because cattle are naturally meant to eat grasses, they are healthiest and happiest when allowed to roam and graze. When cattle are fed grains, they live in a constant state of acidosis and their stomachs become a breeding ground for E coli and other bacteria.  Most grain finished cattle are sent to feedlots to receive this grain where unsanitary conditions require the regular administration of antibiotics to stave off rampant disease. This creates antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria which threaten humans because our antibiotics may not work when we become ill.

Well raised cattle allowed to roam and graze freely live in a healthier environment and antibiotics are unnecessary. This is probably the best question to ask when determining the quality of a meat. If no antibiotics are administered, you can feel confident that the animal was never part of a factory farming operation.

What are the health benefits for humans eating grass fed beef?

There are many, but primarily the nutritional content of grass fed beef is far superior to that of grain fed cattle. Their meat is higher in Omega3s, CLAs and other important nutrients. These ratios are impacted negatively when an animal goes to a feedlot for grain finishing. Click here to read the details.

Does grass fed beef taste different that grain fed beef?

Yes and most people agree that it is a better, beefier taste. Grass fed meat is also leaner with less intramuscular marbling. Grain finishing adds weight quickly to the animal which results in more marbling. Grass fed animals also use their muscles more while roaming free vs. feedlot beef which is usually in such cramped surroundings they can barely move. The leaner grass fed meats result in a slightly tougher texture which, again, most people find appealing. If you prefer a more tender mouth feel, you can marinate your steaks overnight in an acidic marinade to help tenderize the steak. Also, sticking with the naturally more tender muscles, like a Filet Mignon from the tenderloin, will give you a more tender bite vs. a Top Sirloin steak cut from a much more well used muscle.

How will you deliver my food to San Diego, CA?

Topline Foods ships nationwide but our shipping rates to San Diego, Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas are the most favorable. Because of where we are located in Phoenix your package will be in transit only 1 day at low ground delivery rates. We pack your grass fed meats in a cooler with plenty of dry ice to keep everything perfectly frozen. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you via email to let you know when we plan to ship and ask that you reply to verify that someone will be available to bring your grass fed beef and other items inside. We stand behind our food and our shipping methods. If you ever have a question or concern – before or after shipping – we hope you will contact us so we can make it right!

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