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Grass Fed Beef Online in San Diego California

Buy Grass Fed Beef Online



Want to buy grass fed beef online with home delivery in San Diego, CA?


Whether you prefer grass fed beef for it’s deep, delicious flavor, the many health benefits or because you are practicing the Paleo diet lifestyle – Topline Foods has the grass fed beef you are looking for!

Shop online for home delivery of grass fed beef in San Diego and throughout California. You select only the quantities and cuts of grass fed meat, free range chicken, wild caught seafood (and more) that you prefer. No more scouring farmer’s markets and organic grocers, spending time and money, only to be disappointed by the quality and selection. Our flash freezing process and individual vacuum sealed, portion controlled packaging¬† means no more re-wrapping before storing your food. When it comes time to cook, you only take out the items you need with no waste.

Our grass¬† fed cattle live on the lush green grasses of the Pacific Northwest and never see a feedlot, never receive antibiotics, steroids or added hormones. Because they have the freedom to move about, their meat is leaner with less fat and calories than grain fed cattle confined to a feedlot.¬† Topline Foods grass fed beef is nature’s finest – delivered!


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