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Grass fed beef in Los Angeles is easy to find!

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Looking for grass fed beef in Los Angeles California?


If you are searching for grass fed beef in Los Angeles then you probably already know the health benefits it has over corn fed, factory farmed beef not to mention it’s wonderful, beefy flavor. Maybe you are looking for grass fed beef and other clean proteins because you are on or interested in the Paleo Diet. Or, maybe you are just curious why everyone is talking about grass fed beef. No matter your reason, we’ve got you covered!

Our grass fed beef is pasture raised on the lush and abundant green grasses of the Northwest where plentiful rain keeps the cattle happy and well fed with their natural diet. Because they are raised outdoors (weather permitting) and never confined to unsanitary feedlot conditions, they never receive antibiotics, added hormones or steroids and live a peaceful and healthy life. Because grass is their natural diet and they have the freedom to roam, their meat is leaner with less calories and fat and is higher in heart healthy CLAs and Omega3s.

Topline Foods delivers grass fed beef and more – including wild caught seafood, organic and antibiotic free chicken, and pastured pork! Shopping online is quick and easy and we deliver to your door! No more driving around town to find a farmer’s market or organic grocer only to be disappointed by the selection or availability. You select only the cuts you prefer and don’t have to worry about storing 1/2 a cow. Each item is flash frozen to keep it fresh naturally without any additives as well as individually cryo vac’d – just take out the items you need with no waste or freezer burn!

Try Topline Foods today and get the grass fed beef you are looking for delivered to your door!

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