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Grass Fed Beef and Eating Clean Whole Foods

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Organic Free Range Chicken Breast

If you are avoiding processed pre-packaged foods, consider the important differences between some of the “whole foods” you are choosing.

What does grass fed beef offer that the beef at the grocery store doesn’t?

Grass fed beef is healthier in many ways, but primarily it offers better nutrition including higher levels of Omega3s, lower levels of Omega6s, more CLAs and many other nutrients. Our grass fed beef never goes to a feedlot and never receives antibiotics, added hormones, steroids or any other types of drugs or chemicals. As a result of living a life roaming lush green grasses their entire life,  our grass fed cattle are healthier, happier (less stressed) and, as a result, are healthier to eat. Our cattle are raised on the lush and naturally abundant grasses of the Pacific Northwest by family farmers who provide support to their local communities and are proud of their sustainable stewardship of the land. This type of life for the animals results in less antibiotic resistant bacteria and E coli. This is important because antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria can infect humans and our medicines are becoming ineffective. To read more facts about the many health benefits of grass fed meat, click here.

How do you incorporate whole foods into your busy life?

It is easier than you may think. Often, frozen meals or boxed and bagged meal “helpers” aren’t any quicker to prepare than a comparable meal made with high quality meats and fresh ingredients.  For example, if you do use one of the meal “helpers” out there, you would still need to thaw and brown some meat  be it ground beef, turkey or chicken and let the ingredients simmer. Let’s say you are looking for an Italian type flavor, imagine instead of using a packaged product, browning up some grass fed ground beef or antibiotic free chicken or turkey, then adding some organic tomato puree, Italian herbs, garlic and maybe some red pepper flakes for heat. You can then serve this over some pasta or rice (if you enjoy grains) or some spaghetti squash, a baked sweet potato or with a bun like “sloppy joes” (again if you are not gluten free or following the Paleo lifestyle). That will not take  any longer than using the processed product and you will avoid a long list of additives and ingredients that you don’t want to eat, especially the high sodium content in post processed foods.

Another way to get dinner on the table is to simply bake/roast an antibiotic free chicken breast or piece of wild caught seafood, or grill a grass fed steak and serve alongside some oven roasted or steamed vegetables. Again, you can season the meats with a sprinkling of herbs or chili powder, and the vegetables can be similarly seasoned and drizzled with some balsamic vinegar. Quick thawing the meats in a clean sink of cold water only takes about 10 minutes, about the same time as preheating the oven. Then, simply lay in a baking dish /pan, into the oven it goes and dinner is ready in 12-30 minutes depending on the protein you are cooking. There are many ways to mix up this simple meal throughout the month to keep it from getting stale.

Save time with meal plans!

Another way to save time and remove stress is to make a weekly menu plan for your dinners and then shop for the ingredients you need. Knowing your freezer is full of the highest quality grass fed meats makes getting quality meals on the table fast and easy! Your menu plans don’t need to be complicated – something as simple as “chicken and roasted veg” or “grilled steaks and salad” will do, as mentioned above. Then, when you are at the store you can pick the best looking seasonal vegetables available. You can also take into account busier nights and plan to have leftovers for that night, think a big pot of grass fed beef chili on Monday, then as leftovers a couple nights later when time is at a premium.


Shopping online for your grass fed meats saves time, too!

If you are looking for grass fed meats but are disappointed with local availability or quality, shop Topline Foods online for the highest quality meats raised the way nature intended. Home delivery adds to the time savings and convenience.

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