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Gourmet Organic Grass Fed Meats for Holiday Gifts

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Buy gourmet gifts of organic grass fed meats for the holidays!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Buy gourmet organic grass fed meats online and have them shipped  to your friends and family for Christmas. We also offer convenient gift certificates to make sure they can select just exactly the organic meats they prefer!

At this time of year we’re surrounded by sweet treats, baked goods and other celebratory goodies. Your family and friends (even yourself) will appreciate high quality gourmet meats that they can enjoy without guilt. In fact, grass fed meat is better  for you in many ways – it’s higher in heart healthy Omega3s and lower in unhealthful Omega6s, higher in CLAs and many other nutrients. Learn more here.

If you or your family are new to eating grass fed meats, you’ll be impressed with the deep beefy flavor that isn’t gamey at all. The texture is superior to corn or grain fed animals and ours never see a feedlot, are never given antibiotics and roam on the lush grasses of the Pacific Northwest USA.  Grass fed meats that are also grass finished do not contain as much marbling and may be a bit tougher (depending on the cut) because they live their entire lives outdoors (weather permitting) roaming pasture so their muscles get more work than cattle that are fattened with grain and confined to a feedlot. Marinating your grass fed organic meats will tenderize and add flavor.

Organic grass fed meats make the perfect gourmet holiday gifts! Shop online today!


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