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Eating local can be a challenge in Arizona, Nevada and California

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Finding local organic meat can be a challenge in some states

According to this recent study, Arizona, Nevada and California rank near the bottom of the list for accessible, local and organic meat and produce. Buying local meat is best for your local economy. However, when you cannot find it or don’t have the time to search multiple stores for your organic foods, let us help! Topline Foods sources all our organic meats from American family farms that support their local economies and communities.

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While local food travels less distance to your table, our meats are all American raised, harvested and processed so they travel less than meats from Australia and New Zealand. If you check labels, a lot of the grass fed beef being sold in this country is from foreign countries. So, while not supporting your local economy, it is supporting a family farmer and another American town’s economy.

Until the American food system catches up with the demand for organic beef and grass fed meats, it will continue to be difficult to find in some cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego. Topline Foods wants everyone to have access to these high quality meats regardless of where you live. We hear from customers everyday who are educated about the many health benefits of organic and grass fed meats but simply struggle to locate them in their local area.

Every time you choose to buy organic food, you are increasing the demand for these products and encouraging more farmers to become organic. As demand increases so will supply and availability. However, some areas of the country may never again see truly local meats due to lack of available land (in highly populated, urban areas like Los Angeles and San Diego) or a desert climate (like Phoenix and Las Vegas).

When comparing various sources for your online organic meats, make sure that you are “comparing apples to apples”. Many other online stores selling meat have grass fed or organic meats but few have American organic and grass fed meat. When choosing your beef we believe the best is offered by Topline Foods because the organic certification ensures the animals are born and raised on organic pasture and consume only organic feed making them GMO free. In addition, they are 100% grass fed and finished with no grains, ever.  So, even if you live in California, Arizona or Nevada you can enjoy the highest quality organic meats and support an American family farmer.

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