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Cook with your kids to teach the importance of healthy eating!

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Teaching your kids how to cook healthy and organic foods is an important life skill.

The most important reason to cook with your kids is that they are more likely to eat healthy if they have a part in creating the meal. While you are cooking together is the perfect time to talk about the importance of nutritious and quality food. Cooking is an important life skill that will allow them to  be self sufficient so they won’t have to rely on unhealthy choices like fast food or prepared foods.

Other reasons to cook with your kids:

  • It creates family bonding and treasured memories
  • They learn real lessons in science, math and creativity
  • It boosts self esteem because they are accomplishing something tangible and contributing to the family

Children who are exposed to a wide variety of healthy choices will make better food choices both as children and adults.  Raising your children with grass fed and organic meats will help avoid exposure to the antibiotics and added hormones of factory farmed meats which contribute to antibiotic resistance. While cooking with your kids, you can explain (age appropriately of course) why you chose the different products you did for the meal. For example, you can let them know you select only organic grass fed meat because you don’t want to eat added chemicals and antibiotics, or have your family eat them.

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