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Cook organic meats at home for your health!



Cook organic beef and organic chicken at home to control calories and sodium!

We have become a nation that eats out and purchases prepared foods.  A hundred years ago only 2% of our meals were purchased or eaten outside the home. Now, that number is 50%! Cooking is becoming a lost practice as children grow up in families that either eat meals outside the home or use mostly packaged and prepared foods.

Research shows that children do better in school, have less obesity and are less prone to smoking, drinking and illegal drug use when they share meals with their family regularly. Cooking and eating meals at home also allows you to control the amount of fats and sodium in your diet.

In our grandparents day, there was no “organic food”, there was just good, whole foods like grass fed meat. There was no junk food or fast food, only the food your mother made.  It is so important to eat real, whole foods that are unprocessed, chemical and hormone and antibiotic free. Avoiding excess fat, sodium and high fructose corn syrup is also important!

So, let’s bring back the family dinner and teach our kids how to cook again. Cooking organic meats at home doesn’t require a culinary degree. Learning simple grilling and roasting techniques is all you need.  Weekends are a great time to get the whole family in the kitchen and experiment with new or more complex recipes.

Let Topline Foods deliver all natural and organic meats, chicken and wild caught seafood to get your healthy, home cooked meals started!

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