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Category Archives: Paleo Lifestyle

CrossFit and Paleo Meats

Organic Grass Fed Meat Beef Filet Mignon Steak CrossFit members often enjoy the Paleo Diet lifestyle – but where can you get the organic grass fed meats you want? Shopping online for home delivery of high quality lean proteins is convenient and saves both money and time. We hear from customers every day how disappointing it is to drive miles to an organic foods grocer only to find their selection of grass fed beef or organic chicken is lacking. We offer many different cuts of grass fed beef including steaks, roasts and ground meat, antibiotic free and organic chicken, wild caught seafood and more.

Dr. Oz and the Paleo Diet

antibiotic free cage free chicken breast Dr. Oz listens to experts explain the many benefits of the Paleo Diet lifestyle. If you haven’t heard about the Paleo Diet or “eating like a caveman”, Dr. Oz entertained experts on April 23, 2013 about this healthy way to eat to help explain just what it entails and what those health benefits might be. The Paleo Diet is not a low carb style diet – it focuses on healthy lean proteins like grass fed beef, wild caught seafood and organic free range chicken with non starchy, fibrous vegetables and fruits, some seeds and nuts and

Why Grass Fed Beef for the Paleo Diet?

Shop Topline Foods Grass Fed Beef and the Paleo Diet go hand in hand. The Paleo Diet recommends eating whole foods like grass fed beef to simulate the original human diet before grains and processed foods found their way onto our plates. Grass fed beef has less fat and calories than conventionally raised, feed lot cattle while having more of the good stuff like CLAs and Omega3s. In addition, the Paleo Diet also embraces other clean foods like organic, antibiotic free chicken, wild caught seafood and pasture raised pork. Basically, “the good stuff” without additives, hormones, antibiotics or added

Snack Baggies: Healthy Organic or Paleo Snacks for Kids

Shop Topline Foods Snack Baggies: Easy Kid’s Snacks for a Healthy, Organic Lifestyle. There’s no need to over-think healthy snack foods, especially when time is a factor. Perfect for car trips, lunchboxes, and casual around-the-house snacking, a snack bag filled with a few simple finger foods can become an instant classic. Back when I was a kid, they were usually made of crackers, cut-up hot dogs and American cheese, but the concept is very easy to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s a paleo diet, gluten free, organic, or just plain nutrition conscious. You can use just about

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