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Topline’s Future Suppliers: Now with Specialized Higher Education.

According to the USA Today, dozens of colleges across the country are now offering degrees in both sustainable and organic agriculture. This is a major heel turn from 2003, when few universities were willing to invest in teaching the ins and outs of such a niche market. But a steep rise in consumer consciousness over the past few years has caught the attention of universities, students, and employers. Even conventional farmers are looking to hire these educated young farmers, recognizing that their holistic techniques and innovative ideas can help any farm to reduce costs while

Topline Foods Back to School Survival Tips

Tips to save time and frustration: • Shop Topline Foods and save time at the grocery store because you can get most of your shopping done once a month (or every other month) with Topline Foods! And, to make it even more convenient – we deliver! • Make a weekly menu for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Keep in mind the schedule for each day and plan meals to fit the amount of time you’ll have to prepare the food. • Pack lunches the night before. If kids will be having carrot or celery sticks every day, these can

Healthy lunchbox ideas help with back to school!

Topline Foods blog banner   Avoid harmful additives, preservatives and antibiotics with Topline Foods’ deli meats! It is almost time for school to start and, from a parent’s perspective, that is great news! Unfortunately, we have all been hearing a lot lately about the poor nutritional quality of most school lunches. If possible, try packing a fresh lunch for your kids and keep these tips in mind: –Keep it minimally processed-kids (and all of us) need to eat clean, whole foods in order to avoid high levels of sodium, sugars and artificial dyes. –Avoid chemicals and pesticides with organic choices –Avoid lunch meats with

Consumers avoiding high fructose corn syrup seem to be making a difference!

One in 50 new products in US now features ‘No HFCS’ claim By Elaine Watson, 11-May-2011 One in 50 new products launched in the US in 2010 featured the claim ‘no high fructose corn syrup’ (HFCS) compared with just 0.2% in 2006, as manufacturers sought to make marketing capital from avoiding the much-maligned sweetener. Read article. Topline Foods is your healthy grocery storealternative! We deliver all natural and organic foods including grass fed beef, wild caught seafood and all natural and organic chicken nationwide. The food is free of harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives and other unnatural things. We

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