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Category Archives: Health & Nutrition

5 Tips for Healthy Meals with Grass Fed Meat

assorted organic meat on a grill These simple but important skills will help you get a healthy and delicious meal on the table in no time! We all want to eat healthier and cooking at home helps control the calories, sodium and chemicals that are in our food. Organic grass fed meats help keep antibiotics and other chemicals (like pesticides and herbicides) out of our food, too. Not everyone, however, was raised in a household that taught cooking skills. With these easy to learn skills, you’ll be putting a fantastic meal on the table that you and your family are sure to

Buy Grass Fed Beef for Your Health

Topline Foods blog banner Want to buy grass fed beef for better health? More and more, people are becoming educated about the differences between grass fed beef and conventionally raised grain finished beef. If you are just starting out on your research, you can learn the facts here. The basic differences are that grass fed beef is leaner because it is not confined to a feedlot and spends it’s life freely roaming. It is also less marbled because it is never “finished” (or fed) grains which fatten the cattle quickly and cheaply for the farmer. The difference in diet and exercise

Pink Slime: Same Old Story, Now With Beef

Topline Foods blog banner Ten Years Later, Conventional Meat Producers Are Using the Same Tricks Honestly, my first reaction to this story was confusion. I came back from vacation to read that carcasses were being thrown into a big centrifuge to collect the extra scraps of meat and connective tissue. The resulting gunk gets sprayed down with ammonia gas to kill the germs, and then slipped into sub-par, processed meat as cheap filler. That’s funny, I thought. Google News shouldn’t be giving me stories this old  . . . It says the story is from 2012, but I know for a

School Cafeterias in Colorado Teach Whole Foods Nutrition and Healthy Eating

School District Makes Great Strides To Promote Healthy Habits, Whole Foods, and Good Nutrition. In a world where the United States government has deemed that pizza counts as a vegetable for school lunches, it’s good to know that some school districts are willing to go the extra mile all on their own to make sure their kids get the best nutrition and learn valuable life lessons about healthy, whole foods. Their School Food Renaissance Program is putting the emphasis back onto quality, with a fantastic list of steps and new standards: •     All entrees will be made from

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