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Category Archives: Grass Fed Beef

How do Topline Foods’ grass fed meats compare to other organic markets?

Our customers know our grass fed beef and superior service beat the organic markets like Whole Foods! If you are looking for the best quality grass fed beef, look no further! Topline Foods offers home delivery of our entire line of organic and  grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught seafood and more – what a time saver! You don’t have to buy half a cow – you pick only the cuts you prefer! No more driving to the store or Farmer’s Market only to be disappointed by the selection or quality. And, our individual portion

Cook organic meats at home for your health!

Cook organic beef and organic chicken at home to control calories and sodium! We have become a nation that eats out and purchases prepared foods.  A hundred years ago only 2% of our meals were purchased or eaten outside the home. Now, that number is 50%! Cooking is becoming a lost practice as children grow up in families that either eat meals outside the home or use mostly packaged and prepared foods. Research shows that children do better in school, have less obesity and are less prone to smoking, drinking and illegal drug use when they share

Organic meat lowers antibiotic resistance!

New studies show that organic chicken farms, even relatively new ones, have much lower antibiotic resistance. This is important to our health and that of our families. When conventional farms regularly feed antibiotics to their animals it leads to antibiotic resistance in humans as well. Learn more here about organic vs. grocery store chicken. Topline Foods delivers organic meat, wild caught seafood and so much more to your home! Visit www.toplinefoods.com for delivery information.

Growing Organic Grass Fed Beef in the Arizona Desert

Let’s face it, Arizona is hot, and growing grass here is tough. Thus, finding good organic grass fed beef in AZ has been tough, until now. Arizona now has a great new source of the highest quality, home delivered ingredients, including five of our favorite cuts of our organic grass-fed beef. Topline Foods is here to provide you with all the ingredients you need to make your home cooking easier, healthier, and more delicious than ever. It’s easier to sell a high quality product than a shoddy one, so we carefully researched our products before

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