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Category Archives: Grass Fed Beef

American Organic Grass Fed Beef

organic grass fed cattle Where is your grass fed beef raised? Topline Foods’ grass fed organic beef is raised on the naturally abundant grasses of the Pacific Northwest United States by farmers who are proud of their organic, sustainable farming methods. These farmers are letting their cattle roam and graze on organic pastures and engage in natural behaviors. Because the animals are never confined to a cramped and unsanitary feedlot, there is no need for antibiotics to keep them healthy and they never receive any added hormones, steroids or other growth promotants. Their natural grass diet is never supplemented with

Grass Fed Beef and Eating Clean Whole Foods

Organic Free Range Chicken Breast If you are avoiding processed pre-packaged foods, consider the important differences between some of the “whole foods” you are choosing. What does grass fed beef offer that the beef at the grocery store doesn’t? Grass fed beef is healthier in many ways, but primarily it offers better nutrition including higher levels of Omega3s, lower levels of Omega6s, more CLAs and many other nutrients. Our grass fed beef never goes to a feedlot and never receives antibiotics, added hormones, steroids or any other types of drugs or chemicals. As a result of living a life roaming lush green

All About Grass Fed Flank and Skirt Steak

Organic grass fed beef flank steak What is the difference between grass fed beef flank and skirt steak and how should you prepare them? Grass fed beef flank steak and skirt steak are two of the most delicious cuts of beef but people often don’t know how fantastic they are or how to prepare them. While there are distinctions because they are completely different cuts of meat, there are also some similarities between the two steaks. In fact, if you look for images of the two cuts of steak, you’ll get pictures of both returned in your search whether you search for

Buy Grass Fed Beef for Your Health

Topline Foods blog banner Want to buy grass fed beef for better health? More and more, people are becoming educated about the differences between grass fed beef and conventionally raised grain finished beef. If you are just starting out on your research, you can learn the facts here. The basic differences are that grass fed beef is leaner because it is not confined to a feedlot and spends it’s life freely roaming. It is also less marbled because it is never “finished” (or fed) grains which fatten the cattle quickly and cheaply for the farmer. The difference in diet and exercise

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