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Category Archives: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Genetically Modified Organisms and Contemporary Literature

  What Today’s Leading Science Fiction Writers are Saying About Genetically Engineered Foods And now for something slightly different. Topline Foods isn’t my whole life, you know. When I’m not helping to inform people about the pitfalls of modern eating or rallying the troops against the corruption in Big Agriculture and GMO laboratories, I’m actually a pretty harmless geek. I love nothing better than curling up with a good book, discussing my favorite stories, and keeping up with modern trends in literature. Alas, even when I’m away from work, there’s no escaping the influence of genetically modified organisms and

Organic for Kids: Parents Beware of Scams

Organic Foods for Kids Can Still Be Processed Into Junk A lot of parents out there are getting conned out of their money by snack foods that insist that they’re healthy just because they managed to pack organic and ‘whole’ foods into their products. The great vitamins, fiber and balanced nutrition of organic foods don’t mean anything if they’re destroyed by high heats, pressure, pasteurization, and tons and tons of injected organic sugar and ‘natural’ flavoring. Remember that Certified Organic, if it doesn’t say 100% Organic, is allowed to have a certain percent of Non-Organic ingredients,

Round up Ready GMO Corn & Soy…Really?

A Message from “Monsanto” From the same company that brought you DDT (now globally banned as an environmental hazard and a severe carcinogen-our bad), Agent Orange (it’s definitely not our fault it caused over half a million birth defects in Vietnam-the government are the ones who actually used it.)  and PCBs (really, how were we supposed to know they’d be causing cancer forty years after being banned?), now there’s Round Up ready GMO corn and soy beans! These babies have been genetically engineered to resist doses of glyphosate that by rights should kill everything green

Senate Subcomittee Reviews Bill to Ban Genetically Engineered (GMO) Salmon

Update on GMO Salmon: Congress has put a temporary halt on the FDA’s approval process for AquaBounty, which could be the first genetically engineered animal to be sold for human consumption. The primary concern is that the salmon, which grows two to four times faster than normal, could escape into the wild and cause untold havoc to local species. Because fish farms are essentially giant nets sitting just off the coast, escape isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. In the past ten years, in British Columbia alone, farmers have reported the escape of nearly 400,000 Atlantic salmon into

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