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We Make It Easy To Buy Organic Meats Online

mom with coffee in the kitchen smiling at laptop We get asked all the time “I just found you online, how does this work, buying organic grass fed meats?”  Here is how it works: 1.  Shop online- Just visit our website at www.toplinefoods.com to start shopping. The website has convenient categories such as grass fed beef, chicken & turkey, wild caught seafood, etc. Click on the the category you want to start with, add items to your shopping cart and then go to the next category that interests you. 2.  Check out- When you have placed all your items into your shopping cart, click “check out”. At this

What you should know about wild caught seafood

wild caught salmon filet When you are shopping for seafood, does it matter if it was wild caught or farmed? Yes! We’re going to count off the top reasons to make sure your seafood is always wild caught: 1.  Farmed seafood is raised in crowded and filthy conditions so it requires antibiotics and chemical pesticides to kill infestations of disease like sea lice and stay healthy. So, that means you’re eating those chemicals and antibiotics and this contributes to the development of antibiotic resistant diseases. No one wants that! 2.  Seafood farms are bad for the environment. The huge amounts of waste

How to host Thanksgiving dinner without the stress!

family holiday turkey Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be stressful! We think outside the box a bit when it comes to holiday meals. This is supposed to be a time of thanks for the many people we appreciate in our lives and a chance to spend time together with loved ones. There are no rules you have to follow and there are no Thanksgiving police. When deciding what to serve this holiday season, keep these ideas in mind: Do you and your family love roast turkey? Then go ahead and make one. But, only if this year’s holiday allows the time

American Meat, The Documentary

Joel Salatin on his farm There’s a new documentary coming out  called American Meat If you have seen Food Inc you’ll already understand the importance of eating well raised animals that don’t come from factory farming. However, there is an exciting new movie coming out in November called American Meat and it looks to be fantastic! The main difference between the two films is that Food Inc focused on the problems in factory farming while this new documentary is offering the solution as well as answering some important questions like why is organic grass fed beef more expensive than commercial, factory

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