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How to cook an organic grassfed beef Tri-Tip Roast

organic grass fed beef tri tip roast resting This is not a recipe for cooking a beautiful organic grass fed beef Tri-Tip roast. Rather, it is more of a guide. You can make some choices along the way to create the roast that will make you a star! Whenever I cook a piece of organic grass fed beef, I like to put it into a nice flavorful marinade for at least a couple hours. Given the size of this roast, over 2 pounds, I let it marinate overnight. What did I put in the marinade? Well, I usually just look in the spice cabinet and

Organic food is important but don’t stop there

grass fed beef steaks on grill When choosing organic for a healthier lifestyle, don’t stop with organic meat! Yes, organic food will improve your health by helping you to avoid many detrimental chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, antibiotics and added hormones.  It is also better for the animals as they are raised humanely and with the freedom to pursue their natural behaviors. The environment benefits, as well, through sustainable stewardship by family farmers. These are important reasons to avoid non-organic meat and you can get even more details here about why organic grass fed beef is the healthiest choice. But what else

3 Reasons to Stay Away from Grocery Store Ground Beef

organic grass fed beef burger Why choose Topline Foods organic grass fed ground beef over grocery store ground beef even when it is also organic and grass fed? The last time we were at the grocery store we checked out the meat case to see what the competition was up to. This particular grocer was having a sale on their organic grass fed ground beef and it was less expensive than Topline Foods’. This didn’t especially surprise us as Topline Foods’ meats are of such superior quality to anything found in a grocery store — it isn’t really comparing “apples to

Organic grass fed meat Las Vegas

Organic grass fed beef New York strip steak raw Want to buy organic grass fed meat in Las Vegas Nevada? If you have done your research (like we have), then you know that eating organic meat that is grass fed and finished is best for your health. The nutritional profile for meat raised this way is superior to factory farming techniques and even better than organic cattle that are finished on grain – even organic grain. When animals are raised with the freedom to roam and graze in a low stress environment without chemical interference from man, they are happier and their meat is a

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